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 Alcohol is a depressant, does it give you false hope?

A depressant is anything that  lowers nervous activity and/or acts as a sedative. Although alcohol is sometimes called “liquid courage” uniquely, it changes your ability to act clearly. Alcohol may make you feel like you’re the life of the party, as a matter of fact, you feel blindsided. But that feeling doesn’t last long.

 Does alcohol give you false hope?

After binge drinking all day and night, you may feel invisible.  Do you know what alcohol does to your body? It’s not cool to start drinking as a teen. It affects your body by slowing you down. It can make you act silly and out of control. This is called drunk equally important, intoxication only lasts a short time, the actions that are a result may be life-altering.

 “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”  – Ernest HemingwayThere is a reason the legal drinking age is 21 in the first place, adults can deal with the effects of this depressant better than teens. Expert say, there is also direct relationship between teen drinking and depression.

Alcohol Depressant Give You False Hope

 Alcohol is a Depressant 

Liquor can affect your nervous system by blocking and slowing it down. Which sends messages to the brain that affects your judgement. You may start to lose your balance. Sometimes increased energy levels experienced. Drunken behavior is different for everyone. Your eyes may become red and you will get excited. These are symptoms of impairment. You may feel a general sense of buzzed also, you may experience high energy levels while under the influence of alcohol. While the drink is working through your system for purpose of, Learn the facts of how your body reacts.

Alcohol Depressant Give You False Hope

The effects will eventually wear off after a night of partying and, your body will be tired. This is not good for anyone who is struggling with depression. Teens who drink are more likely to experiment with other drugs.

Can Alcohol Depressant Give You False Hope?

How drinking could lead to depression:

  • Fatigue after bouts of drinking
  • Swinging from extremes in emotion
  • Lack of inhibitions
  • Impaired judgment

Drinking alcohol you make the following bad decisions never take lightly, consumption.

  • Arguing with close friends
  • Saying things you wish you hadn’t
  • Giving away personal items
  • Making purchases that were unwise
  • Harming yourself or others either, purposely or by accident.
    Yes, Alcohol is a depressant  and it can give You False Hope

mayThe problems you face do not go away by drinking alcohol. Teens may think hiding anger by drinking is the way out of their problem. It is not a wise choice. Alcohol does not give you hope, only more problems. Hitting the bottle as a teenager can be dangerous. The risk is a physical one in this case  this is true, it is wise to not drink. Have you thought about what you will do if  someone finds out you are drinking alcohol as a teen?

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