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Sibling Rivalry

Harmony improved in the Home. A place where you can live in peace. Or is it a battle field. By Dealing with  Sibling Rivalry fights will decrease. But to the onlooker, you look like referees. Trying hard to settle  a fight.  The atmosphere at your place feels as if World War III is about to begin. If you are victims of sibling rivalry you are not alone. Common problems parents face almost every day.  Battling children who are ready to fight 24/7 over every single thing. Parenting is not an easy job. Parents need to be very patient and calm in order to deal with their attention seeking, and  moody children.  Each of them demand special treatment and attention.How to deal with Sibling Rivalry and Improve Harmony


As a Parents we love all of our children. But at times they think different. That we are being unfair to them.  This  creates resentment among the children.  Which eventually causes  jealousy amounts the kids.  Better way to deal with such a situation is to set limits. Tell them fights are not allowed in the home.

How to deal with Sibling Rivalry and Improve Harmony

Give them individual time and attention. Why make efforts when the situation becomes worse? Take steps to develop a bond between the siblings. Make the older ones realize that it’s their responsibility too. Listen to their concerns. Spend quality time with children treat them equal. This can decrease their competition towards each other.

Promote family gatherings in harmony.

Twice a week family meeting to discuss all their issues. Listen to their concerns and arguments. Address their concerns and  give rules what is acceptable. How to deal with on going rivalry among them and have to deal with it.  Siblings are forever! Choosing them is certainly not in your hands.  But making them the  best friends is possible. Use these effective ways to make peace at your home sweet home.