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Depression Symptoms has no looks.  It’s not always easy to recognize recurrent sadness.  Feeling anxious or your gloomy days seems to be here to stay. It may be that your child Clinical depressed. Only a License Nurse Practitioner or Psychiatrist can diagnose these symptoms. Recognizing and knowing what to look for can help. I’ve heard teens and their parents say admitting to feeling blue make them weak.

This is not a sign of weakness. And it’s often these thoughts that keep adolescents from searching for answers to their desperate feelings. But knowing the symptoms not only helps you to recognize when things are getting out of hand. It can help you feel a little more in control by offering solutions.

Depression Symptoms Look Like

Depression Symptoms Look Like

  • Moodiness… wayward emotions for no apparent reason This could be due to hormones too. But if it lasts too long, is really out of character, or is obstructing your daily life. Then it may be a sign that there is a deeper problem. These emotions include anger, irritability, frustration, sadness.
  • Loss of interest  this is especially a problem if the loss of interest affects things that were usually pleasurable, or  important. If  someone you know or your teen is struggling with a loss of interest in things like personal hygiene, hobbies, friends and family.

Depression symptoms

  • Low self-esteem  Depression can affect self-esteem feeling worthlessness. Often undesirable creates a  situation so you start to think negative. You feel bad that you’re not performing at your best. When feel guilty too often worsened and the cycle begins again.
  • The sense that there is no hope This is especially true for an on-going sense of hopelessness from which there seems to be no way out.
Depression symptoms
  • A change in eating and sleeping patterns If your teen is showing changes in eating and sleeping. You noticing a sudden drop in overall health. It may be an indicator that your adolescent is struggling with depression.
  • Body aches  Unexplained body pain such as a prolonged backache or  stomachache that seem to have no origin. And no explanation could also indicate trouble.
  • Disruptive, risky or harmful behavior many depressed teens are self cutter as opposed to others. However if there is an increase in this kind of behavior and it’s not the norm. There is probably an underlying issue that your child is deal with
Depression Symptoms 

While these signs are good behavioral indicators.  That are recorded among teenage depression sufferers.  There are many changes that happen in your child’s life. Know what is normal. For your youth! Best thing you can do for your Youngers. Be aware of any major changes.  Offer a solution to the problem rather than judgment. Despair is challenging.  Love and support in times of need.  Will help your child deal with changes.