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There’s a reason that we love our animals they can be our  protector and friend. They show so much  commitment towards their owners. How many people can  say that the person in their life has these characteristic. We can learn so much from our four-legged counterparts. Dogs can teach us love loyalty  is one life lesson that these canine are able to teach us. How does these loving creature know  about our needs for companionship and can they really teach us about loyalty?Dogs, teach, love, life lesson, loyalty

Dogs  can Teach us love and  Loyalty

“Mans best friend”  shows  affection in many ways towards its  master. They wag their tail, gaze lovingly into our eyes, rub our legs and rest on our laps. They lick our faces and jump up and down in excitement of seeing us come home. This is unconditional love.

There isn’t a human being out there that can show more love than a four-legged friend. Most people are so extremely protective of their dogs they will go to great length if the animal is harm.

Michael Vick  was the only person I have heard of that endure harsh penalty even jail terms  548 days for hurting animals in his care.  An   ” NFL quarterback reportedly enjoyed placing family pets in the ring with fighting pit bulls and … laughed as dogs ripped each other apart,” a detail that led animal rights group PETA  an anti-dogfighting public service announcement.”Shows how loyal we are to our animals and we will  protect them if they where in any harm.

Loyaly to Dogs our pets.

These tail-waggers do not have an ego, like  human beings. They do not focus their attention on unimportant factors like materialistic things which devalue over the years. We can dress up our pooch and train them to be patient with our rough playful children at times. Waiting patiently with excitement to greet you and at the same time fearful and anxious of our departure. “The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.” Stanley Coren.  If human beings were like this, could you imagine how much more loyalty there would be toward each other.

Dogs, teach, love, life lesson, loyalty

Dogs can teach us love and loyalty if we learn to listen
  • Unforgiving love

Unlike  human, these doggy are not prone to hold on to mistakes and problems of the past. They  treat us with respect, stand up for us, a great companion, a loyal friend  if you keep  secrets, our pups are not bias who they befriend and they are not going to bully you. They  teach us how to be kind and gentle toward our peers  and through our pets we learn compassion and how to love; relentlessly. unforgiving not asking for much accepting our faults more than any human being can bear   nothing more, nothing less.

These creäture , however, adore  their human  provide care for them and in return give  warm and personal  special bond with their caretaker.

Admiration , giving to anyone that gives them the same in return. They have no concept of waiting for you to prove yourself to them.  Our relationship with our mutt in time become a valuable lesson to teach our children.  Receiving  with little regards  for anything this can help our young adult to be better able  understand fact of live . Do you have a dog or a pet share?