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 I can’t get enough Sleep

There is no  excuse I can’t Sleep. Often given by teens suffering from despair. I’m just tired all the time even if sleep.  Indeed high-stress school systems are reason to be fatigue. Young adults today more than ever before are over-scheduled and over worked. A lot of pressure is being put on them to perform. Well, and a lot of talk about their futures is thrown at them. Left them wondering about a lot of stuff.

There is no excuse I can't get enough Sleep

Just Tired all the time can’t Sleep.

Indeed, it seems reasonable that they be weary after such long and stressful weeks. Their bodies are going through significant changes that affect how they approach problems. Sleep really can make a huge difference as their brains grow and develop. We forget sometimes that they are going through these incredible psychological changes. Which can really have an affect on how they approach stressed.

Not enough rest!

Parents we may allow them to continue making this excuse: “I’m just tired, mom.” It seems logical that they are  wiped from the week. But if this excuse is used often. There is a problem. Your child could be suffering from  depression.

Being tired is one of the key indicators of depressive disorder. When you are in the slump, your body cannot produce the endorphins necessary to get you through the day. It has a harder day pumping adrenaline, which also helps you maintain busy schedules. You will feel bleary eye much more often, and you will  need more sleep.

Sleepy most days.

Sometimes it seems like the best way to escape from a world you just aren’t really enjoying anymore. While you’re asleep, your dreams can take you far away from the melancholy you feel on a daily basis. While you’re asleep, you can escape all of the problems that feel inescapable when you’re awake.

Just Tired 

But saying, “I’m just tired,” as a teenager, is just not enough to combat mental illness. Your mental states require a lot of work. And it’s definitely not always easy. But going to sleep is probably the biggest secrets. Giving into the fight against depression By going to sleep, you simply extend the melancholy. When you wake up. Rather than finding ways to fight the problem, you extend it.

Resting too much.

So what should you do? Well, certainly, again, sleeping is important for teenagers. But it is also really important to get out. Go on a hike on the weekends. Enjoy the sunshine. Go for walks. Get yourself out and try as best as you can to do fun, active things in your off hours. Spend time with people you love. And talk about your feelings with a trusted adult. This way, you are not avoiding the problem but actively trying to solve it.

And for parents, if your son or daughter is saying:  “I’m just tired,” too frequently, ask him or her what the problem is. Recognize that there is a problem, and work together to solve it. Because teenage depression cannot be ignored.