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Crybabies and wannabes these are the type of people who love to be center of attraction will go the extra mile to make you feel bad. Starstruck ; may even start Teasing.  Joking starts off as harmless fun, at least to the person who is playing the game.  Attention seeker Sometimes can turn to bullying when they do not get their ways. This  can certainly not be fun for the person who at the receiving end.  Teasing  when it reaches this level, it is certainly enough to cause disarray in the person  being taunted . If you are  being  victimize by  pestering  people here are a few tips that you can use to stop their behavior.

3 things Pacify Wannabe and make the Crybabies happy



First, realized that attention seekers are likely disturbing someone else because of something that they are going through that makes them feel bad or causes sadness. They want to take the hurt off of themself, and the easiest way to do this is by putting those feelings on someone else.

Make the crybabies happy

  • Learn to not take it personally

A person who is teasing you is looking for signs of weakness. They’re not going to bully someone who displays full confidence, or someone they know nothing about.  We all at a young age go thorough periods where we want to be liked .  Do not take them personal.  Remember that the information doesn’t have to be true for a person to use it against you and you can ignore bad behavior.

3 things Pacify Wannabe and make the Crybabies happy

Disarm the Wannabe’s 
  •  Laughing make them happy

Learning how to laugh is another way that you can stop someone from badgering you.  Llearn how to take things with a grain of salt and let it roll off of your shoulder.


  •  You don’t need friends that make  fun of you.

Do not allow yourself to become angry. The person who is making fun of you do not react. Argument can easily become a dispute. This is something that will only add fuel to the fire. And they will continue to  mock you. Change your attitude and the pestering is sure to end.

Teasing is probably something that you are not going to be able to stop a person from doing it. Realize, however, that it is not you that the person has a vendetta with, but likely something within themselves. With the information above, however, you can be sure that the teasing doesn’t become unbearable for you.