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Teenage Sadness

Facts about Depression in teens you need to know. If your youth is experiencing depression you and your child are not alone. That ‘s important to remember. While your child may not want the teen advice you have to give. You need to let him or her know that you are always there for support. Before you can help need to know more about  depression. Below, you will find some interesting facts. That can help you prepare and be knowledgeable about what is going on.

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Top Facts Teenage Depression

Facts about Teenage 

Adolescent Facts

1: If you have a teenage daughter, she is more likely to be depressed than teen boys.

Teenage girls are more likely to suffer from depression than boys of the same age. As a matter of fact, girls can be as much as double and triple the times likely. The reason behind this is because teen girls go through puberty changes much more rapidly than teen boys.

Top Facts Teens Despair

2: Can happen to Anyone 

While your teen may have been bright, cheery, and the face of the school one day, it does not mean he or she will not be depressed later on. There is no one type of person who get depressed and depression can form in even what seems like the happiest of people. Instead of stereotyping, take a step back and realize it can happen to your family too.

Top Facts 

3: Treatable Condition.

One thing to remember is that teenage depression can be treated. If you believe your child is suffering from it, you should help them seek out care right away. Through counseling and medication, your son or daughter can overcome depression.


Recognize there a problem and know that teens are not always open about what they feel. So as a parent, you must understand. Watch for depression. Knowing and recognizing when there is a problem can help save your teen.