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Looking hot, feeling hot, what’s the difference anyway? Teen Fashion  is not about always looking perfect, it’s about wearing your attitude with confidence.

While you try your best to keep up with the latest and the greatest, why not try a few things that work for you? Style is ever changing and in todays world fortune favors the bold. So do other people by the way. You might feel a little awkward being the only one with a really unique take on the way to wear that dress, or the only guy who wears his jeans with that top. But you know what? That’s exactly what trendsetters do. They’re fearless in the face of criticism.

Social Fashion 101 – Teens Look fly and absolutely fabulous

Social Fashion trend

Who cares what they’re saying it’s Fearless Friday Day.
If you feel good, it doesn’t matter what people think. Most people criticize because they just don’t have anything better to do, or say. It’s their way of contributing to the world, even if it is a fail contribution.


RT @girlposts: do u ever go to school confident in what ur wearing and then u actually get there and ur kind of just like wow well this was…


  • Teen Advice work with what you have

You saw something awesome, but you don’t have the exact items to recreate the look, what now? Ransack your cupboard and find similar objects,  How to  building confidence is not in the copying of the style 100%, it’s all about adding your flair to what you’ve seen out there. Use what you have in your cupboards (that already stand out as being “you”) and then add a new take on it by adding what you saw in the latest clothing design magazine.

1 = 100 000 000
Cue Pinterest here. There are TONS of amazing ideas for teen girl custom design, no matter what your preference. There are also some really awesome vogue hacks that will help you use one item in about a million different ways.


Teen fashion
Hot Fashion sense

How to look hot character building is part of style too
Ever notice how you feel when you walk out of a big brand store? You feel big brand. That’s because everything you see in that store is part of the brand identity. The way the cashiers dress, talk and walk, the way the shop is laid out, the way the mannequins look…everything you see there is perfectly chosen to further the brand character. Your style is not just about what you wear, but about who you are, how you talk, how you walk, and how you carry your clothes. Remember that you have your teen years to experiment, go wild and have fun. You likely going to change a lot, but that’s ok, change is good. Bring it on!