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Student Online growing

Student online has a fast-growing problem. It’s a well-known fact that college students nowadays spend a lot of their time with technology. This is the era of Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Online dating and excessive admiration of oneself with greater need for more selfie on every social media. A lot of people, especially younger people, spend much of their free time on their smart phones and tablets. With the rise of online schooling, the situation is arguably getting worse.

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Student online interacts less with others.

We might think this technology is bringing us together. After all, student’s or anyone from miles away from the other side of the world. Can respond to a text in an instant. When just a few centuries ago, it would take days for people to answer a letter. The fact is, though, even though we’re “connecting” with tens, hundreds, even thousands of people a day, we are still suffering dangerously from isolation. It’s no wonder that depression is becoming more prevalent.

Social skills for student’s online often given less importance

Human beings are sociable for the majority of the time. Isolation is hard for many, especially teens. Through our speech, language, communication takes place. And entire sections of our brains are devoted to just the processes involved with personal interaction. Without this, we are liable to suffer from loneliness, depression, and anxiety. In the social media age, we may not even recognize the student online isolation and loneliness. What it is; after all, we’re talking with friends and strangers all the time through our screens.

Student online

Student online needs more human interaction. 

Tug-of-war between ‘real’ life and ‘virtual’ life can have far-reaching consequences. Studies have shown that excessive time in front of a screen can result in depression, sleep disturbance, and stress. What’s more, the less time spent in in-person interaction, the less chance we have available to develop real world social skills is a constant daily struggles.

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The more anxious and depressed your young adult feels. They may be inclined to spend more time online. And more isolated they will be. Which then lead to loneliness along with emptiness sometime felt in depression and feeling of not being worthy.

Balance time student online spends alone.

I’m not saying that our smart phones are evil, but that a balance is essential for our mental health. Yes, I can understand that sometimes social media interaction is easier than going out. Talking to people, especially for introverts is a struggle. But even a small circle of trusted friends and family can work wonders for your mental health. And help lift the loneliness and depression. At a crucial time in the young adult life. Even if you don’t recognize it.

Student online

Student online

Interestingly enough, the mental health field has started to branch out. Into digital service for people with depression and other mental Illness. This can be a useful tool for young people who have grown so accustomed to spending their times online. And who might fear people finding out they need help. These professionals, while interacting with students online. Offered therapy as well as resources and guidance. Towards a balanced life, but, of course, face-to-face counseling is always the effective choice.

It is important for student online parents to know. Sometimes It is best to put down the smart phone and experience the world. We forget to simply live the moment with friends and family.